We specialize in educating patients of chiropractic.

Patient education is the key to growing your practice, as well as encouraging current patients to return for regular treatment. With so many choices out there, how do you know what is best for YOUR practice? The answer: custom videos from Smart Chiropractor. Each tape is just under 6 minutes; long enough to share your message of the importance of regular chiropractic and your office name, yet brief enough to keep their interest.

What makes our tapes different from the others?

  • Our tapes display YOUR practice’s name, address and phone number on the video and on the tape itself.
  • 3D animation helps patients better understand the benefits of chiropractic.
  • 3D visualization better illustrates vertebral subluxations and other conditions of the spine.
  • High-quality, professional graphics will give your practice a competitive edge.

Why purchase a Smart Chiropractic video for each patient?

You will be giving them an opportunity to better understand how chiropractic can improve their lives and it will show them that you truly care about their health.
Low/No Cost
Most insurance companies will reimburse your practice for patient education. Educational costs can be billed to a patient's insurance company with CPT code #99071.
By taking the tape home, your patients will have the opportunity to review what was discussed in your initial consultation and the importance of chiropractic care will be reinforced.
Smart Business Sense
Our tape serves as a unique businesses card. YOUR practice’s name and phone number will be displayed throughout most of the video, and on the tape itself. Not only will your prospective patients see the video, but what about friends and family members. Who do you think they will call when they need chiropractic care?
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Questions? Email us at sales@smartchiropractor.com or call us at 1-866-247-8836.

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